The training videos on this page are samples of the uses of the Rocket POS software and the Rocket Cloud.

Most training videos here were designed to help you with the many features of the Point of Sale. As technical questions popup from our end-users and dealers, we like to make a training video to help everyone. Many new videos will be showing up here soon, please check this page frequently. The videos on this site were recorded using Snagit 12 on a Vista Operating System PC. Your screens may look a little different on a XP-OS machine. These videos, are by no stretch of the imagination, fancy professionally produced videos but they do show you what you need to know.

If there is a POS area you would like a training video made of, please email us and we will try to get you a training video made and posted here.

More Information on the Rocket Cloud

Click any link or Video below to explore one of our award winning videos.

Setup Rocket Point of Sale on the Rocket Cloud

Rocket Point of Sale - Add Clerk to the Rocket Cloud

Flag Inventory for Uploading to the Rocket Cloud

More Rocket Point of Sale Cloud Setup

Rocket Cloud Sign-In

Rocket Cloud Inventory

Rocket Cloud Reports

Customer Screen on the Rocket Cloud


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