The new EMV Smart Cards (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) credit cards are coming. You can tell these cards by the chip visible in these new credit card types. All Point of Sales in the US must be upgraded to support this new type of card. If a merchant does NOT upgrade, they are responsible for any fraud done with a card they may have processed in their business establishment. The banks will no longer cover this fraud starting 2015.

Just in in case you skimmed over it above, EVERY Point of Sale in this country MUST upgrade to the new EMV standards. No Exceptions. It doesn't matter what Point of Sale you are using, it's a MUST. You and NOT the banks will reimburse any credit card frauds that happen out of your business starting in 2015.

This means several things to you, the merchant. You MUST upgrade and during this upgrade, everyone is required to get a new merchant account to support the new EMV features. Not our rules, the credit card company rules.

We here at Rocket POS have taken this opportunity to make a special limited deal with one of the largest credit card processors in the country to help our merchants get a very sizable discounted on their new account setup. Our average merchant will now be saving, on an average, around 15% a month on their fees or more depending on your volume of credit card receipts. Since you must upgrade and you must get a new merchant account to support the new EMV features, why not take advantage of this offer?

No matter WHAT processor you are currently using, give us a chance to prove how much money you are going to be saving.

After accepting our offer, we will give a discounted price support and upgrades to anyone taking advantage of this new processor**. As long as you keep using this new processor, we will continue to give you free support and upgrades after your initial purchase. Our support staff will help you to install any upgrade by dial-in if necessary. If you have any unusually heavy support requirements, as sometimes happens, there may be a reasonable support charge involved.

Our newest version does away with the dreaded pcCharge many of us have come to hate. With a few clicks you will be up and running on a much more stable credit card processing platform. You will be able to run all of your credit card analysis reports from the internet, on any computer, from anywhere in the world.

If you are using Mercury at this time, you too can GREATLY benefit in huge savings from this limited special offer! Contact us now, please.

If you are using our software, presented to you under a different brand or company name, this special offer is ONLY available from us, WE ARE the manufacturer of your Point of Sale software. If your sign-in screen looks similar to the one below, we made your software! You can NOT receive this offer through anyone else except directly from Rocket Point of Sale.

YOU CAN START SAVING MONEY NOW with our new processor. By emailing us at the link below, we will put you in contact with the processor to get you started and they will explain all the benefits of switching at this time.

With the many thousands of businesses using our software, our phones are expected to be VERY busy during this special offer, please email us at the link below for the fastest results. We have additional staff and support hired to help through this transitional period.

Even if you are using our current version 12, you still need to take advantage of this offer.

What we need to know when you contact us in your email;

  • Your serial number (see graphic below)
  • The version of our POS that you are currently using
  • A contact name to be called back (and a time convenient to you)
  • Your contact phone number, your cell# works best
  • Your store name and address

Contact Us For This Limited Offer

What Happens Next?

After contacting us, a representative from our company and then the new processor will contact you and explain all the benefits of becoming a new EMV capable credit card processor. It's important to note here, you are NOT making a commitment by just contacting us. We just want to discuss and tell you what your options are and how upgrading is going to help your bottom line. Please have a recent copy of your present Processor’s bill ready for when he calls.

In case you missed it above, please have a copy of your most recent Processor's bill in hand when called, this is the only way our representative can calculate your savings.


After you decide if this is the path your business wants to proceed down, one of our very capable tech support technicians will set up a time to help you install the new software so you may start processing the new credit cards. You can then take advantage of your new lower processing rates.

Not only will the new version 14 support the new EMV cards but it will have many more new features added to it that has been asked for since we released out last upgrade. What's New?

Several things to keep in mind when deciding if you want to take advantage of this offer.

  • You MUST upgrade, to protect yourself from claims, lawsuits and charge backs, by 2015
  • Not taking advantage of this now, EMV upgrades will be very expensive
  • YOU WILL SAVE Processing fees NOW by acting now
  • Free support while using our processor (use your same bank)
  • EMV upgrading in 2015 is mandated by the credit card companies or lose the privilege
  • This is a VERY LIMITED offer, act NOW.
  • If you are currently using pcCharge, IT IS NOT allowed as a processing software after 2014 due to it not meeting the new PCI complainant requirements. Verifone has not and will not support the pcCharge platform after 2014. Our new Version 14 has the new replacement software designed by VeriFone and distributed ONLY by Point of Sale software developers, at no extra cost to you. This new interface is built into our new software, you can NOT just go out and purchase it like the old pcCharge.

When we are asked how we are getting such great rates for our store owners, two main reasons come to mind. 1st, we expect a large number of our customers will switch to the new processor (you do NOT have to change banks) and the 2nd reason, since your software will be so much more secure against credit card thieves and hackers, the processors takes this into account when figuring your rates.

We are making you an offer you can't refuse!

But it is only for a limited time.

Also, for a limited time ONLY; If you have been a previous Rocket Point of Sale customer, a Nickel Tracker Point of Sale customer or you was one of a few other private labeled Point of Sale customers, sold under a different brand name, and you'd like to get back to the Rocket Point of Sale, we can make this same offer to you too. Just let us know.

On a side note; Some customers are very devious and are always trying to rip off merchants. This was presented to us by one of our loyal dealers in Houston.

A customer comes in, purchases something, walks up to the counter, presents a debit card, clerk swipes the card as a debit card, customers says NO on the pin pad to use the card as a debit card and its now used as a credit card, clerk doesn't notice, prints receipt and hands the receipt to the customer WITHOUT the customer signing the receipt. After all, the clerk is thinking this was a debit transaction. Customer goes home, calls the credit card company and disputes the charge since they did not sign the receipt, he wins, you lose. Our new version 14 signals the clerk when this has happened saving you a considerable amount of money. So this doesn't happen to you, just a friendly warning from us here at Rocket POS, .

** Please note, this discounted Upgrade, and Support offer is for our Point of Sale software only. There may be other charges for equipment and/or service upgrades for you to become totally PCI compliant. Any new charges will be ALL explained to you before you commit. Email us for your special limited pricing now. An Internet connection is mandatory to use Version 14.


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